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The online shopping portals have entirely revolutionised our shopping experience in the present day. Many of these shopping websites have become indispensable to us for fulfilling our shopping needs. Gone are those days, when we had to stroll around and search for our preferable items. More often than not, we were unable to find that item. Now, courtesy of these online shopping sites, we have the convenience of choosing millions of products at the comfort of our home. We either require swiping our fingers over the phone or have to use the mouse if we are using the PC. You can get everything you desire with a tap or a mouse click. Today, we are here to talk about an online megastore Zulily.

An overview of Zulily

Zulily is an online retailer operating in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Australia. Additionally, it also ships products internationally. Well, you may think, there are several other websites which function in the same manner, so what makes Zulily special? Yes, there is something unique about Zulily. The online e-commerce giant targets mothers. Zulily emphasises on providing exceptional brands for mothers who are searching for something different for their children. Furthermore, Zulily describes the target audience of their site as “young, tech-savvy mothers”. The company regularly offers a sale on select products on a daily basis; as a result of which customers especially the mothers, in this case, can grab fascinating deals at a throwaway price.

Here is an interesting fact about Zulily. In the year 2015, Zulily had to limit the number of flash sales as the customers were finding it too difficult to select their preferable items  To put in simple words, the customers have unlimited choices when shopping at Zulily. Nevertheless, the fascinating offers of Zulily have gone down well with the majority of the customers. Thus, Zulily has been successful in retaining the customers. Quite understandably, the overwhelming response of people shopping at Zulily has helped this online shopping portal immensely. Within a short period, the company has achieved remarkable success, and there are hardly any signs of the popularity lessening.  Anyone who shops at Zulily, is bound to become a dedicated customer of this online megastore.

The exclusive features of Zulily

Zulily offers jaw-dropping deals on a daily basis. As already mentioned above, the exclusiveness of this online store lies in its daily flash sales. So let us take a look at how they set it up.

  • Zulily commences a new flash sale daily at 6 AM PT. The customer needs to login to their account and check for the exciting deals and grab them before they are gone.
  • You can expect to get a whopping 70% discount on select products; this too on a daily basis.
  • Zulily emphasises on showcasing the best brands. Therefore, you never have to worry about the quality of the product you are ordering.

The Zulily website also explains to its esteemed customers how the company processes and ships the orders. The steps are as follows:

  • As soon as you locate your preferable item, you can place the order for it.
  • The company overviews all the orders and orders the products from the respective brands.
  • It takes approximately 8-10 days for the respective brands to ship the item to Zulily.
  • The received items are carefully stored in the Zulily warehouses and from this location, they commence the shipment procedure.
  • At last, the customer receives the order at their doorsteps.

The experience of shopping at Zulily

The online megastore, Zulily, as already mentioned, features exclusive items for mothers. Additionally, they also deal with home décor items, toys clothing, and gift items. You get anything you desire at an unbeatable price. Those who are going to shop at Zulily for the first time would find this review very helpful. Here, we highlight both the advantages and disadvantages. As a customer, you should think rationally; nothing is perfect in this world. You ought to judge the services by evaluating the highs and lows. Zulily also has certain drawbacks, but at the same time it has a lot of positive aspects, you will never mind those trifle issues. So let us get started.

  • At the very first juncture when you visit the home page of Zulily, you have to register on their website. Now, those who intend to take a rough look at this online megastore may not appreciate this. Typically, a customer wants to browse the site initially and later on decides to join. Nevertheless, Zulily has made the registration formalities easy and quick. You can set up your profile in a few seconds.
  • As you start browsing the website, you will come across some of the best brands offering their products. Zulily refers to them as “boutique brands”. The different items are certainly going to make you feel cheerful.  Next, you come across the “big deal” for which Zulily is the best, the flash sale, the sale commences at 6 am daily and may last up to 72 hours depending on the stocks. However, you must get hold of your favourite items early else they will be off the blocks.
  • Zulily has customised the website entirely. Navigating the site is straightforward. You can search by the categories such as women, girls, boys, men, shoes, health and beauty, baby and maternity, toys and playtime, and home. Precisely, you will be able to locate your desirable items within minutes. Now, as people are always on their toes to make the most out of these sales, you may not always find the things of your preferable brand. So, make sure to log in to your Zulily account as early as possible to grab the deals.
  • When it comes to bargains, you are not going to find a better online megastore than Zulily. Regularly, you are going to encounter unbelievable deals. For instance, there are items available at half the retail price. So, whether you are looking for a handbag, clothing, shoes or any other thing, you can expect to get massive discounts on them. Unfortunately, many people miss out on these “special events”. Since they have to log in early to their Zulily accounts, those who are on a tight schedule miss out on good bargains.
  • At present, there are many such online megastores. Most of the internet using fraternity regularly orders their preferable items from these websites. Generally, the products reach the customers within a day or two. However, the shipping procedure is a bit different in case of Zulily. They perform bulk ordering after the completion of the flash sale. According to Zulily, by adapting to this policy, they become capable of offering products at such low prices. Nevertheless, the entire process can be time-consuming. Ultimately, it takes more than a week to reach the customer. However, considering the excellent deals Zulily provides us, the wait is worth it. There is another advantage which the customer can enjoy due to the above mentioned policy i.e. the shipping charges. The charges are very low in comparison to the other online stores.
  • Thus, in a nutshell, you are going to love shopping from Zulily. The daily discounts are something which you will rarely find in other places. Preferably, you should plan, if you are looking to buy items. Thus, you can select branded products at mind-blowing prices.

Other features of Zulily

  • Zulily has a mobile application for Android and iPhone users. This app helps the customers to get information about the upcoming flash sales and sales previews. Customers can shop from the online megastore according to their convenience using the app.
  • While shopping, you will notice a red-shaped heart flashing near the product description. As we already mentioned before, if you are not an early bird and thus were not able to grab the deal, there is no need to feel gloomy. You merely need to click this heart. Zulily will notify you as soon as that product is available in their store.
  • Zulily uses the social media giant Facebook to perfection. Frequently, they come up with their live videos (Facebook Live). You can learn about the upcoming sales and the specific products you cannot afford to miss.
  • Alternatively, you can also follow the Instagram page of Zulily. Here, in their pages, Zulily highlights the latest arrivals and additionally, customers can provide their valuable feedback.

Shopping Tips

By now, you must have understood, when you shop from Zulily, you are always a gainer. The professional shoppers have come up with some handy tips for the newcomers. By following these tips, you can quickly transform a decent deal to an amazing one. Additionally, you can add to your savings a bit more by cutting out the shipping charges. Feeling interested? Read on:

  • You should search for items which have the tag “free shipping”. This way, you can stock up a lot of useful products without having to pay a single penny for the delivery charges.
  • Make sure; you are always buying one product at a time. Additionally, go for the light-weight items primarily. Practising this will help you to save on the shipping charges again.
  • It is a good idea to do a bit of homework on the available brands at Zulily. Even if the item of a particular brand that is up for sale is not your favourite brand, there is no harm in checking them out. Make no mistake, Zulily never compromises with quality. Therefore, when you know about the brand in advance, you will be able to secure quality items at a discount.
  • The top-brand items make them an excellent option for reselling. By chance, if you no longer require the thing for which you placed the order, you will find secure customers for them on other websites. Though not everyone is going to practice this, in some situations, this can become a handy proposition.
  • Similarly, the lesser-known brands are not going to woo many customers. So, adequate planning is always essential.

Remember, professional and experienced shoppers are always going to compare the prices of items from various online shopping portals. When you are sure that the item available in the flash sale at Zulily is offering fabulous discounts, then only you should proceed to book the product.


Zulily does not have any physical store. However, for some reason if you need to visit their headquarters, you can visit them here at the following address:

2601 Elliott Avenue

Suite 200

Seattle, WA 98121 United States

Contact or Support Details

Zulily representatives are all ears for their esteemed customers. You can contact them every day between 12pm-12am at their UK Toll-Free Number: +44(0)8082 341894. Additionally, you can also send an email to help@zulily.co.uk and await their response.

Furthermore, when you visit the official website page of Zulily, you can navigate to the “Contact Us” link. Here, you have the convenience of tracking your order, provide feedback and also make vendor inquiries, press and media inquiries, and get information on their Fax number which is (206) 724-0535.

About Zulily

In comparison to many other online retail stores, Zulily is a new entrant. The e-commerce company was founded in the year 2009. Initially, the primary focus of Zulily was to deal with children’s apparel. However, due to its exciting business model, the online megastore was soon able to create a lasting impression on the customers. In this period of nine years, Zulily has made exceptional progress for all the right reasons. It is explicitly mentioned in the Zulily website, that this online megastore does not hold any inventory. But inventories have become the need of the hour in the present day. Zulily has had to encounter quality control issues, like defective merchandise, incorrect or incomplete merchandise and even damaged merchandise. Thus, Zulily at a later stage started storing goods in their warehouses, and this has significantly put a check on the issues related to quality control.

Overall, the Zulily website has comprehensive information on everything you need to know. After registering at Zulily, you can browse the site for products and information. We are sure this is going to enrich your shopping experience to a great extent.

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